Visas, Health & Useful Information



Non-Egyptian participants arriving in any international Egyptian airport should have a valid passport for at least six month and should ensure that their travel documents are valid prior to departure from the country of origin.

Participants are advised to ascertain whether they are exempted from visa requirements at their respective Egyptian Embassies prior to arrival to Egypt.

Entry visa may be obtained from the Egyptian Diplomatic Bodies abroad or from the Entry Visa Department at the Travel Documents, Immigration and Nationality Administration (TDINA).

Visas upon Arrival


Nationals of the following countries can purchase entry visas at any of the major Egyptian entry points (including Cairo International Airport):

· Australia

· Bahrain

· Europe

· Japan


· Kuwait

· New Zealand

· Oman

· Qatar

· South America

· South Korea


· UK



Fees for Entry Visas upon arrival is as follows:

Single-entry visa: 25 US Dollars

Multiple-entry visa: 35 US Dollars

Letters of Invitation for Visa Applications


Participants from other countries who have Embassies of Egypt in their countries should apply for visas in advance, submitting all supporting documents and registration confirmation generated from African Aviation confirming their participation in MRO Africa Conference 2018.

To apply for your invitation letter please officially register with African Aviation and send us a copy of your passport and specify the following details:

 Full Name

 Passport Number

 Nationality

 Date of Birth

African States with No Egyptian Resident Ambassadors


Participants  should  notify  our  embassies  in  the  states  with  resident ambassadors, clarified in the attached list. Accordingly, they will notify the Ceremony Sector of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt which will allow them obtain entry visa upon arrival at Cairo International Airport consequently.

Non-Resident Ambassador - Resident Ambassador

Gambia & Cape Verde - Senegal

Sao Tome & Principe - Angola

Union of the Comoros - Tanzania

Botswana & Lesotho - South Africa

Guinea Bissau & Seychelles - Kenya

Swaziland - Mozambique

Health Requirements


Participants coming from:

Ethiopia -Gabon -Senegal -Sudan -Cameron -and Congo -Niger - Angola -Uganda -Benin -Burkina Faso -Burundi -Chad -Togo -Gambia - South Sudan -Central African Republic -Democratic Republic of Congo -Rwanda -Sierra Leone -Ghana -Guinea -Guinea-Bissau - Equatorial Guinea -Cote d'Ivoire -Kenya -Liberia -Mali -Mauritania - Nigeria must ensure they take along travel health insurance including a valid vaccination certificate for yellow fever for the duration of their stay in Egypt.

In addition, participants coming from Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea should have valid vaccination certificate for Poliomyelitis and should receive booster dose before arrival to Egypt.

Useful Information


Passports: All foreign nationals entering Egypt must possess valid passports or other valid documents for travel.

Customs: The following items may be brought into Egypt duty free:

-200 cigarettes or 250 gr. of cigars or tobacco.

-1 litres alcoholic beverages.

-Perfume for personal use.

Currency: The unit of currency in Egypt is the Egyptian

Pound (L.E.), which in denominations of 200,100, 50, 20, 10,

5 and 1 (L.E.), 1 pound comprises 100 piasters.

Exchange Rate:  Approximately US$1 - 17.65 Egyptian Pounds.

Working Week in Egypt:  Sunday through Thursday.

Banking Services: All commercial banks exchange major foreign currencies and are open from

08:30 to 14:00 hrs Sundays through Thursdays.

Credit Cards: International Credit Cards, such as American Express, Diners Club, Visa, Master Charge, Carte Blanche, etc. are usually accepted at most hotels, department stores and restaurants.

Weather in Cairo, Egypt